Can someone really open up their chakras through this course?

Yes, yes you can. The Chakra system is an ancient process that is not fully accepted and given people a template for transformation.  When fully understood, you are able to dive into the depths of your own psyches and do the work required to make lasting changes in your inner and outer life. The Chakra Challenge is packed with years of experience, all formatted in such a way to move you forward, discover yourself and raise your vibration. Unlike many other chakra courses, our Chakra Challenge requires you to unlock the blocks that are holding you back and look at the wounding patterns and imbalances that are governing your life. We explain what each chakra means in depth so you can conceptualize what it is you are actually choosing that is not who you are but a wounded behavior. We provide the tools needed to work on opening your chakras. This is not a cookie cutter challenge. This challenge is geared to raise your energy and allow you to heal the patterns. Everyone has chakras, when you understand them and manage them, you open up your life your life to possibilities.

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